Click on the links below:

SBC ParentPortal
On the ParentPortal parents can access information relating to their son's attendance, academic progress, personal details, timetable information etc. Usernames and passwords will be provided via email. For 2016 the Parent Portal will not be available until later in Term One.

Google Classroom
SBC has launched Google Classroom as its online learning environment. Click on the above link to go directly to Google Classroom. Usernames and passwords are the same as the SBC Network credentials.


Outlook Web loginEMAIL
School webmail for staff & students (use your network login and password in the popup box - remember to keep your password secret!)

TIP! If entering your username and password doesn't work try adding stbernards\username in the username section.

To setup Outlook: Download this simple setup guide

Office 365
All students are now able to access a complete version of the latest Microsoft Office for free to use as long as they're a student here at St Bernard's College. Simply visit Office.com/GetOffice365 to download.


SBC Google Apps LoginGoogle Apps
St Bernard's College uses Google Apps for Education. You can login with your school login username & password. (Note the change from 2015. If you have material in the old environment (sbcschool.com) then share your files with your new account. The old domain will not be deleted for some considerable time.)

You will be able to use the Google Docs (free cloud storage with free office applications), Google Sites (make your own websites), Calendar, Aviary (graphics and music editor) etc. Login with: " Username@sbc.school.nz" and your normal password.

Please note that Gmail is not included as we utilise Microsoft Outlook/Exchange for email.

For BYOD students who require printing facilities this can be done using Google Cloud Print. Login to your Google Apps for Education account as above and then go to www.google.com/cloudprint - you will be able to upload files there to print to the Library Photocopier.



Other Useful Websites:

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