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Click on the links below:

SBC ParentPortal
On the ParentPortal parents can access information relating to their son's attendance, academic progress, personal details, timetable information etc. Usernames and passwords will be
provided via email. Check out this short guide to the SBC ParentPortal.

SBC Moodle
SBC has launched Moodle as its online learning environment. Click on the above link to go directly to the SBC Moodle. Usernames and passwords are their usual SBC Network credentials. Moodle will replace older Google Apps Sites below.


Outlook Web loginEMAIL
School webmail for staff & students (use your network login and password in the popup box - remember to keep your password secret!)

TIP! If entering your username and password doesn't work try adding stbernards\username in the username section.

To setup Outlook: Download this simple setup guide


SBC Google Apps LoginGoogle Apps
St Bernard's College uses Google Apps for Education. You can login with your school login username & password.

You will be able to use the Google Docs (get 5GB of FREE cloud storage with free office applications), Google Sites (make your own websites), Calendar, Aviary (graphics and music editor) etc. Login with: " Username@sbcschool.com" and your normal password. www.tinyurl.com/sbc-google

N.B. If you joined SBC in 2012 then your password for Google will need to have an extra "0' zero on the end to make it 8 characters, e.g. "Pass123" becomes "Pass1230"

NB to avoid confusion with your this website, the new domain name for Google Apps is "sbcschool.com". Go to our Google Apps login page to sign in or type in the tiny URL of www.tinyurl.com/sbc-google .

Other Useful Websites:

In Pictures



Learn through pictures for FREE!
In Pictures online tutorials are based on pictures, not words. They walk you through tasks step-by-step. There's no complicated multimedia, just pictures that show exactly what to do.

Alison.com Free online courses banner



Sign up with an email address and password to access hundreds of FREE online courses. Ignore the adverts and gain skills in Touch Typing, Office Computing, Photoshop, Google SketchUp and more.




Get tons of free learning resources for ICT, Computing and programming. Watch FREE online video tutorials to learn how to use software.


SBC Moodle has replaced the Older SBC Google Apps Websites:

SBC ICT class website


SBC ICT & Computing

Links to information and resources on all aspects of computing are available at: www.tinyurl.com/sbc-ict,
You can discover: web design, multimedia, quizes, revision and video tutorial links. Check out the FREE open-source software.

For Computing hints, help and homework go to the class blog at http://SBC-ICT.blogspot.com

SBC Accounting class website


SBC Accounting Y11

SBC Accounting Y13

Staff and students will need to login with your school login username & password to see the Accounting sites. You will be able to use the Google Docs, Google Sites, Calendar. e.g. Login with: " yourlogin@sbcschool.com" and your normal password.

SBC Dept International Languages website


SBC Languages Department

Study French, Japanese, Samoan or at Te Reo Maori at St Bernard's College. This site contains course outlines, resources and invaluable links to support our student's language learning, click to find out more...

SBC ICT class website


Te AwaKairangi ICT Professional Development Cluster

St Bernard's, Chilton St James and Ss Peter and Paul Primary School have formed an ICT PD Cluster named after the Hutt Valley River: Te AwaKairangi. ICT PD training and resources are available for teachers from: www.tinyurl.com/tak-ict

SBC Science Department

Staff and students will need to login with your school login username & password to see the Science sites.