Gateway 2020 Vii Kasiano Heretaunga College School of Hospitality

Gateway Student Profile – Vii Kasiano @ Heretaunga School of Hospitality

Vii was very fortunate to be able to complete a Gateway placement at the Heretaunga School of Hospitality situated within Heretaunga College.

The School of Hospitality has a cafe with a commercial kitchen and sells high quality cafe food to teachers and students at Heretaunga College which gives these budding chef’s a great well rounded experience.

Vii particularly enjoyed baking and made many cheese scones and other tasty baked goods, plus a variety of filled rolls and other dishes.

Thank you to the Tutors Will and Deidre for accepting Vii into their classes for one day per week, and to the students who welcomed him into the group and made his placement very enjoyable.