Pop In!

All students are welcome to pop in to our offices for information or to make an appointment for an interview. Parents are also encouraged to contact us if you have any queries.

We are:

Jeanne Lomax – HOD Careers/Gateway

Wayne Bishop - Careers Assistant

Scholarship Information

Apply here - Future Leaders

Academy of Sport – for students who are representing at region/national level

Apply here - Academy of Sport

For additional scholarships available for school leavers please see this link here

Drivers Licence

We cannot stress enough the importance of your son getting his drivers licence. Apart from being an important qualification for both part-time and full time employment he can also achieve credits while still at school.

Learners Licence – eligible for standard 29363 (2 credits at L1)

Restricted Licence- eligible for standards 29363 & 29364 (4 credits at L2)

Full Licence – eligible for previous two plus standard 29365 (2 credits at L2)

These can be applied for by seeing Ms Lomax at the Careers Room with your licence.

Career Pathways Planning:
Looking to a future beyond school, seniors need:
• An IRD number
• A personal bank account
•  A restricted drivers licence








Our Gateway programme is underway. This programme gives students real life working experience and prepares them for places in industry. We have several students indicating interest in trades.

We would appreciate any tradesmen who would provide a day a week for a student to please phone or email

Jeanne Lomax:

  • 560 9250 ext 877