Remote Learning Plan

Updates from us – August/Sept 2021

Letter to Parents No 7 September 7th 2021

Letter to Parents No 6 September 3rd 2021

Letter to Parents August 31st 2021

Letter to Parents August 28th 2021

Letter to Parents August 24th 2021

Letter to parents August 20th 2021

Letter to Parents August 18th 2021

In the event of a school closure, we will be working to the following plan for our learners to help them continue with their studies:

Setting up at home

We would be encouraging all learners to set themselves up with a daily structure.

Some suggestions:

  • Set up a workspace
  • Stick to the school timetable
  • Students should have regular breaks including plenty of offline time
  • Students may need a support person such as a parent or close relative who can check on your progress

How will the learning work?

All departments are planning a range of activities for learners, and have also discussed how teachers will connect with students directly. This planning will be updated by teachers as necessary, depending on how long the school is closed.

Note that, in some practical subjects, it will not be possible to complete practical tasks that require the use of school facilities. Alternative tasks will be offered. We will not be attempting to replicate the school day in terms of workload or tasks. Teachers will be aiming for clear, simple tasks with a balance of self-paced activities and conversations to help learners stay connected to us and each other. The exact details will be managed by the individual departments. There will be differences in how we will interact with senior and junior students.

We have developed a Code of Conduct. It is important that students are aware of their responsibilities when working online.

Our Space Code of Conduct – Online Learning Environment

Seeking help from teachers

Students will generally be able to access their teacher at the times when their lessons are usually on. We will all follow the usual timetable.

The online platforms we will use are Google Classroom and Google Meet. Lessons details and how Google Meets will take place will be communicated through Google Classroom.

Assessment and NCEA

If assessments are usually set and submitted through Google Classroom then assignments submitted by students online will be marked as normal.

We are continuing to follow our NCEA assessment policy, in line with guidance from NZQA.  Should schools be closed for a period of time when assessments were going to be set, departments may defer assessment and alter deadlines. We will work to ensure that assessments continue to be reliably and consistently managed.

Technical Support and Email

We maybe able to provide some assistance. Please email and we can see if we can assist.
In order for students to access their school email they need to go to the following link and put their school username and password in

Whānau support

You can support your student’s learning by checking in with them and their work plan each day. Help them stay connected to their teachers and each other. Encourage them to take breaks, seek fresh air and maintain a balance of online and offline time. Learning at home during a pandemic: This website also has some useful advice to support students and families with learning at home.